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Surface Water and Ocean Topography - SWOT
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AirSWOT is the calibration/validation and science support instrument for the NASA/CNES/CSA SWOT mission. The initial development of AirSWOT was funded by the NASA SBIR program. The key AirSWOT sensor, the Ka-band SWOT Phenomenology Airborne Radar (KaSPAR), was developed by Remote Sensing Solutions (RSS). AirSWOT system integration and test has been funded by NASA ESTO and the SWOT mission. AirSWOT has been successfully integrated with the King Air B200 aircraft, operated by NASA AFRC and is currently performing engineering test and measurement validation flights. For more information about the AirSWOT instruments, see Instrument Suite.

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Water-Mapping Mission Takes Flight
Water-Mapping Mission Takes Flight
A mission to map Earth's water from space starts with a small passenger plane flying over California's Sacramento River.

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