SWOT Science Working Group Meeting

February 1, 2008
Paris, France

The Science Working Group of the Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) mission met on February 1, 2008 in Paris and included 24 participants. The meeting stressed international cooperation including technology sharing between the U.S. and French space agencies and risk reduction studies. Discussion of science questions focused on the hydrology, oceanography, and coastal zone research. Meeting outcomes included identification of the need for a mission document and change of name from "WATER HM" to "SWOT."
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13 Documents
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Constraining Coastal Ocean Models with Altimetry [presentation]
[01-Feb-08] de Mey, P.
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Development of an "End-to-end" Altimeter Mission Simulator [presentation]
[01-Feb-08] Lombard, A., Lambin, J., Roblou, L., and Lamouroux, J.
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Divison of Technology Amongst Partners [presentation]
[01-Feb-08] Rodriguez, E., Cugney, B., and Freeman, T.
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Hydrological Modelling of the Ob River [presentation]
[01-Feb-08] Biancamaria, S., Mongard, N., Bates, P., Boone, A., and Cretaux, J-F.
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IIP WATER HM Proposal [presentation]
[01-Feb-08] Fu, L-L. and Rodriguez, E.
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Ka-band Radar Studies CNES Pre-phase A Work [presentation]
[01-Feb-08] Cugney, B.
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Mesoscale/Sub-mesoscale Dynamics and SWOT [presentation]
[01-Feb-08] Le Traon, P-Y., Klein, P., Chapron, B., Isern, J., and Dibarboure, G.
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NASA Programmatic Issues [presentation]
[01-Feb-08] Lindstom, E., Freeman, T., and Graf, J.
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Results of Washington D.C. Meeting (October 2007) [presentation]
[01-Feb-08] Alsdorf, D.
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Some Thoughts on SWOT Water Resources Applications [presentation]
[01-Feb-08] Lettenmaier, D.
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Surface Water and Ocean Topography Mission - Risk Reduction [presentation]
[01-Feb-08] Rodriguez, E.
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SWOT Viewed with Some OSSEs [presentation]
[01-Feb-08] Ubelmann, C. and Verron, J.
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WATER-HM activities - CNES Programmatic Status [presentation]
[01-Feb-08] Thouvenot, E. and Ultré-Guérard, P.