WATER HM Planning Meeting

July 25, 2007
Barcelona, Spain

Held in Barcelona on July 25, 2007, the purpose of the WATER HM planning meeting was to initiate the Science Working Group (SWG) and plan its inaugural meeting. Discussions centered on science questions, technology issues, and organization of the SWG. Eleven participants defined the SWG's overall goal of conducting a mission definition study that would lead to an optimal preliminary mission design based on science requirements, technology, and cost constraints. This group also determined the size and types of participants needed for the SWG.
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11 Documents
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Action Items [presentation]
[25-Jul-07] Alsdorf, D.
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CNES Technologies / Trade-off Studies [presentation]
[25-Jul-07] Souyris, J-C. and Lambin, J.
Hydrology [presentation]
[25-Jul-07] Alsdorf, D. and Mongard, N.
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Hydrology Virtual Mission for WATER HM [presentation]
[25-Jul-07] Alsdorf, D., Durand, M., Hamski, J., Kiel, B., LeFavour, G., Partsch, J., Lettenmaier, D., Andreadis, K., Clark, L., and Moller, D.
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International Joint-Science Working Group [presentation]
[25-Jul-07] Fu, L-L. and Menard, Y.
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Introduction to ICM [presentation]
[25-Jul-07] Mongard, N. and Mourre, B.
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Physical Oceanography [presentation]
[25-Jul-07] Fu, L-L.
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Potential for Estimation of River Discharge Through Assimilation of Wide Swath Satellite Altimetry into a River Hydrodynamics Model [presentation]
[25-Jul-07] Andreadis, K., Lettenmaier, D., and Alsdorf, D.
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Radiometer Concepts for Coastal and Inland Wet Path Delay Estimation [presentation]
[25-Jul-07] Brown, S.
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River Radar Backscatter [presentation]
[25-Jul-07] Moller, D., Rodriguez, E., and Esteban-Fernandez, D.
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SWOT Mission - Current and Ongoing Activities at CNES [presentation]
[25-Jul-07] Lambin, J.