SWOT Science Team Meeting

June 17-20, 2019
Bordeaux, France

The 2019 SWOT Science Team Meeting will be held from June 17-20 at the Domaine du Haut Carré at the University of Bordeaux, in Talence (France).

The web site for the meeting will be available on Friday, 26 April. It will have all of the information on the registration, for booking hotels in Bordeaux, for transport to and from the conference site, and for the social events.

Rosemary Morrow, Jean Francois Cretaux, Lee Fu, and Tamlin Pavelsky are starting to work on the agenda which will also be shared soon. On Monday June 17th, there will be separate hydrology and oceanography workshops; the ocean workshop will be on SWOT in-situ science campaigns and CalVal. The main Science Team meeting will be from Tuesday 18 to Thursday 20 June, 2019.

Meeting Venue Information (PDF, 501KB)

Agenda Outline

Monday 17 June 2019 Tuesday 18 June 2019 Wednesday 19 June 2019 Thursday 20 June 2019
SWOT ST All-day Workshops:
Ocean: SWOT Cal/Val and In-situ Science Campaigns
Hydro: Data Product Evaluation
SWOT ST Meeting - Day 1 SWOT ST Meeting - Day 2 SWOT ST Meeting - Day 3
Morning: Plenary
  • Program & Project Status
  • Applications Overview
  • Keynote Talks
Morning: Plenary
  • ADT
  • Data Products
  • SWOT Data Access and Facilities
Morning: Ocean Splinters
  • Reducing Measurement Errors & Corrections
  • 2D/3D Reconstruction of SSH and Currents
Poster Sessions Morning: Hydro Splinters
  • Hydrology Cal/Val I & II
Afternoon: Ocean Splinters
  • Observation of SSH, Currents at Small Mesoscales
  • High-resolution Ocean General Circulation Models
Afternoon: Ocean Splinters
  • Tides, Internal Tides, Internal Gravity Waves, DAC
  • Techniques for Separating Dynamics and Noise in SWOT SSH Images?
Afternoon: Plenary
  • Coastal Processes
  • Sea-Ice Studies
  • Final Discussions
Afternoon: Hydro Splinters
  • SWOT Lake Algorithms, Science & Processes
  • Discharge Algorithms & Science
Afternoon: Hydro Splinters
  • HR Data Access & Post-Processing
  • Integration of SWOT with Global Hydro Models / Assimilation
Posters Conference Dinner