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Laboratoire d'Océanographie et du Climat: Expérimentations et Approches Numériques (LOCEAN)
Meso and Submesoscale Observations and OSSE
Xavier Capet, Fabien Durand

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A Pair of Notional SWOT Science Campaigns [presentation]
Farrar, T., Fu, L-L., Morrow, R., and d'Ovidio, F. (28-Jun-18)
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SWOT and Fine-Scale Biophysical Processes [presentation]
d'Ovidio, F. (27-Jun-18)
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Is the Omega Equation the Good Framework for the Experimental Calculation of Vertical Velocities? [presentation]
Pietri, A., Capet, X., d'Ovidio, F., Lévy, M., Le Sommer, J., Molines, J.M., and Giordani, H. (27-Jun-18)
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SWOT Science Oceanographic Field Campaigns [presentation]
Farrar, T., Fu, L-L., Morrow, R., Drushka, K., Rainville, L., d'Ovidio, F., Girton, J., and Chao, Y. (29-Jun-17)
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Update on Mediterranean Cal/Val Operations [presentation]
d'Ovidio, F. (29-Jun-17)
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French Modeling Cal/Val Activity [presentation]
d'Ovidio, F. (16-Jun-16)
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In-Situ Observations in France Related to SWOT Cal/Val [presentation]
d'Ovidio, F. (16-Jun-16)
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Meso and Submesoscale Observations and OSSE [presentation]
d'Ovidio, F. (14-Jun-16)
Preparing for the Next Interdisciplinary Challenges Unlocked by SWOT Fine-Scale Observations [poster]
d'Ovidio, F., Capet, X., Lévy, M., Cotté, C., Durand, F., Pietri, A., Sallée, J.B., Doglioli, A., Klein, P., Lapeyre, G., Garreau, P., Garnier, V., Giordani, H., Nencioli, F., Gaube, P., Tintoré, J., and Pascual, A. (14-Jun-16)
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AirSWOT Ocean Campaign - April 2015: In Situ Sampling [presentation]
Chao, Y., Farrara, J., Farrar, T., Hodges, B., Bigorre, S., Girton, J., Dunlap, J., Janssen, T., d'Ovidio, F., Marie, L., Chien, S., and Troesch, M. (08-Jul-15)
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Monitored from Space: Specifically Designed for Submesoscales [presentation]
Klein, P., Morrow, R., and d'Ovidio, F. (15-Jan-15)
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Eco-biogeochemical Lagrangian studies: The Role of High Resolution Altimetry [presentation]
d'Ovidio, F. and Nencioli, F. (28-Jan-13)

Documents (2)

PI: Francesco d'Ovidio (09-Feb-18). The BIOSWOT project aims at paving the way to the exploitation of SWOT observations for the understanding of fine-scale biophysical processes, like notably the export of anthropogenic carbon and the pattern formation of marine biodiversity.
Mesoscale / Sub-mesoscale Dynamics in the Upper Ocean
Klein, P., Morrow, R., Samelson, R., Chelton, D., Lapeyre, G., Fu, L., Qiu, B., Ubelmann, C., Le Traon, P-Y., Capet, X., Ponte, A., Sasaki, H., d'Ovidio, F., Farrar, T., Chapron, B., D'Asaro, E., Ferrari, R., McWilliams, J., Smith, S., and Thompson, A. (18-Mar-15). This white paper mainly addresses some of the potential general science questions that can be addressed from the SSH signals observable with SWOT.