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Sytèmes de Référence Temps Espace (SYRTE), Observatoire de Paris
Ocean Cal/Val

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Gironde Campaign, October 2018 [presentation]
Ayoub, N., Barbot, S., Benoit, L., Bonnefond, P., Brachet, C., Calzas, M., Conessa, C., Drezen, C., Fichen, L., Froideval, L., Garcia, J., Giry, C., Guillot, A., Jan, G., Lyard, F., Magot, L., Ternon, P., and Valladeau, G. (20-Jun-19)
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GPS-Based Systems for Sea (Water) Surface Height Cal/Val [presentation]
Bonnefond, P. (29-Jun-17). [View the videos found on slides 7 and 13.]
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Campaign in the Lower Seine Valley with GPS Carpet/UAV/LiDAR [presentation]
Bonnefond, P. (29-Jun-17). [View the video found on slide 8.]
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GPS-based Systems for Sea Surface Height Cal/Val [presentation]
Bonnefond, P. (16-Jun-16). GPS cal/val will meet the requirements on very short distances (few kilometers) from a reference receiver. GNSS cal/val will probably meet the requirements with the addition of Galileo and the orbit and clocks improvements that will allow PPP to reach the cm accuracy. The troposphere correction error will still remain challenging, but hopefully highly correlated on short distances (<10 km, in stable meteorological conditions). View the animation embedded on Slide 6 of this presentation.
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SWOT Ocean Calibration and Validation [presentation]
Bonnefond, P. (14-Jun-16)
Using FOAM Project Facilities for SWOT Cal/Val [poster]
Bonnefond, P. (14-Jun-16)

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Using FOAM project facilities for SWOT CAL/VAL (FOAMS)
PI: Pascal Bonnefond (08-Feb-18). We intend to continue and ensure the experiments already conducted through the FOAM project (2007-2011, 2012-2016 and 2017-2020), funded in the framework of the Jason mission (but includes a multi-mission approach), at various sites (Corsica, Kerguelen, île d'Aix, Perthuis Charentais, Arcachon Bay, Gironde Estuary, lakes and rivers...) where the local conditions are different from each others but where permanent instruments and infrastructures already exist and have to be reinforced.