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Laboratoire d'Études en Géophysique et Océanographie Spatiales (LEGOS)
Meso and Submesoscale Observations and OSSE
SWOT in the Tropics: A Case Study in the South West Pacific

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Internal Tides in the Solomon Sea: Characteristics and Impacts [presentation]
Tchilibou, M., Gourdeau, L., Lyard, F., Morrow, R., Koch-Larrouy, A., Allain, D., and Djath, B. (19-Jun-19)
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Internal Tides / Mesoscale Interactions in a Tropical Area: Plans for an In situ Science Validation Experiment in New Caledonia [presentation]
Marin, F., Gourdeau, L., Cravatte, S., Ganachaud, A., Sérazin, G., Lyard, F., Verron, J., and Brodeau, L. (17-Jun-19)
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Plans for In Situ Experiments in New Caledonia During the SWOT Fast-Sampling Phase [presentation]
Marin, F., Sérazin, G., Gourdeau, L., Dabat, M-L., Cravatte, S., and Ganachaud, A. (29-Jun-18)
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Characterization of Small-Scale Dynamics Around New Caledonia from Observational Data: S-ADCP, TSG, Altimetry, Gliders [presentation]
Sérazin, G., Marin, F., Dabat, M-L., Cravatte, S., Gourdeau, L., and Morrow, R. (27-Jun-18)
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SSH Observability: The Problem of Internal Tides - A Focus on the Solomon Sea [presentation]
Gourdeau, L., Tchilibou, M., Lyard, F., Allain, D., and Morrow, R. (27-Jun-17)
SWOT in the Tropics: A Case Study in the South West Pacific [poster]
Gourdeau, L., Marin, F., Ganachaud, A., Tchilibou, M., and Calmant, S. (14-Jun-16)
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Ocean Mesoscales and Submesocales: Observability, Modelling and Data Assimilation for SWOT [presentation]
Le Sommer, J., Levy, M., Barnier, B., Brankart, P., Brasseur, E., Cosme, A., Ganachaud, A., Gourdeau, L., Melet, A., Molines, J.M., Papadakis, N., Penduff, T., and Verron, J. (28-Jan-13)

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SWOT in the Tropics: A Case Study in the South West Pacific
PI: Lionel Gourdeau (09-Jun-17). This proposal aims at federating people from different communities working on climate, turbulence, models and observations in order to investigate how the high-resolution and high-frequency (1-day) measurements of SWOT could be dynamically interpreted and used in the tropics. The ultimate purpose is to propose for the next SWOT call a cal/val experiment based on the results of this proposal.