• Overview
    SWOT will make the first global survey of Earth's surface water, observe fine details of ocean surface topography, and measure how water bodies change over time.
  • Flight Systems
    The SWOT satellite observatory, consisting of a payload module and spacecraft bus, is being built by NASA JPL and the Centre National D'Études Spatiales.
  • Ground Systems & Data
    NASA and CNES will operate SWOT's ground systems, including satellite operation, acquisition of telemetry, and data processing, distribution, and archiving.
  • AirSWOT
    AirSWOT, an instrument supporting the SWOT mission, will help the engineering team better understand the natural properties of Earth's surfaces.
  • SWOT Visualizer
    Investigate the coverage of Earth's surface by two SWOT instruments: KaRIn Interferometer and altimeter.
  • Mission People
    Mission and Applications members of the SWOT Management Team.


  • Overview
    Using radar interferometry to measure water elevations, SWOT will help us assess water resources, sea level change, coastal processes, and fine ocean features.
  • Oceanography
    SWOT will revolutionize oceanography by detecting small-scale features that contribute to ocean-atmosphere exchange of heat and carbon at 10x current resolution.
  • Hydrology
    SWOT will provide the first global view of freshwater bodies to allow scientists to determine changing volumes of fresh water at unprecedented resolution.
  • Where's Water? Quiz
    Take our quiz to find out how SWOT will align with your interests.
  • Science Team Projects
    Summary of workshops and science meetings relating to the NASA SWOT mission, with links to event documents, abstracts, posters and presentations.
  • Publications
    Publications relevant to the NASA SWOT mission.


  • Overview
    SWOT's strategy promotes applications research and engagement of a broad community of end-users and decision makers in the uses of SWOT data.
  • Applications Areas
    SWOT will measure surface water elevations for research on floods, drought, water storage, river commerce, insurance, marine operations, fisheries, and coastal zones.
  • Early Adopters
    Learn about this growing community working to incorporate future SWOT data in their activities.
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