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Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement (LSCE)
Global Hydrologic Modeling
SPAce altimetry for Water and Energy Transfers modeling (SPAWET)
Nicolas Flipo

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Variance Based Sensitivity Analysis of FLake Lake Model for Global Land Surface Modeling [presentation]
Bernus, A. and Ottlé, C. (19-Jun-19)
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Lakes Science and Progress [presentation]
Crétaux, J.-F., Sheng, Y., Smith, L., Grippa, M., Le Moigne, P., Ottlé, C., Quellec, M., and Yésou, H. (18-Jun-19)
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Contribution of SWOT-like Data to Model Lake/Reservoirs in ORCHIDEE Land Surface Model [presentation]
Ottlé, C., Petrus, K., Bernus, A., and Biancamaria, S. (28-Jun-18)
SPAWET (Space Altimetry for Water and Energy Transfers Modeling) [poster]
Ottlé, C., Flipo, N., and Perrin, C. (14-Jun-16)

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SPAce altimetry for Water and Energy Transfers modeling (SPAWET)
PI: Catherine Ottlé (21-Jun-17). The overall objective of the SPAWET project is to improve the characterization and modelling of lakes and groundwater buffering impacts based on the use of future SWOT data. For that purpose, we propose to develop and apply advanced and complementary hydrological models and to explore the potential of SAR altimetry for enhancing their performances. These developments will therefore improve the overall simulation of the hydrological cycle through a better quantification of lake evaporation and groundwater contribution to river discharges.