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Meso and Submesoscale Processes & Modeling
Ocean Mesoscale, Sub-mesoscale, and Internal Wave Variability and Dynamics
Dudley Chelton, J. Tom Farrar

Meeting Presentations (9)

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The Wavenumber Spectra and Standard Deviations of Uncorrelated Errors in SWOT Measurements of SSH for Various Footprint Diameters [presentation]
Chelton, D. and Samelson, R. (20-Jun-19)
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Observation-Based Estimates of the Sea-Surface Height Signature of the Internal Wave Field [presentation]
Callies, J., Farrar, J.T., and Samelson, R.M. (27-Jun-18)
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The Ocean Mesoscale Regime of the Reduced-Gravity Quasi-geostrophic Model [presentation]
Samelson, R.M. (27-Jun-18)
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Moored Time Series and Frequency-Wavenumber Spectra [presentation]
Farrar, T., Samelson, R., Savage, A., Arbic, B., and Chelton, D. (27-Jun-17)
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SWOT Estimation of Surface Velocity and Vorticity [presentation]
Chelton, D., Samelson, R., Farrar, T., Molemaker, J., McWilliams, J., and Qiu, B. (15-Jun-16)
Ocean Mesoscale, Sub-Mesoscale, and Internal-Wave Variability and Dynamics [poster]
Samelson, R., Chelton, D., Farrar, J., and Molemaker, J. (14-Jun-16)
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Submesoscale and Mesoscale Ekman Pumping on Scales of 1-50 km [presentation]
Chelton, D., Samelson, R., and Farrar, T. (13-Jan-15)
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Mesoscale Dynamics and SWOT [presentation]
Samelson, R., Schlax, M., and Chelton, D. (15-Jan-14)
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Manifestations of Oceanic Mesoscale, Submesoscale, and Internal-wave Variability in SWOT Data [presentation]
Farrar, T., Chelton, D., and Samelson, R. (28-Jan-13)

Documents (4)

The Wavenumber Spectra and Standard Deviations of Uncorrelated Errors in SWOT Measurements of Sea-Surface Height for Various Footprint Sizes
Chelton, D.B. (23-May-19). The purpose of this paper is to derive from the science requirement specification the corresponding wavenumber spectra and standard deviations of the uncorrelated measurement errors for footprint sizes of 0.5 km, 1.0 km and 2.0 km, without 15-km smoothing in the across-track dimension.
Ocean Mesoscale, Sub-mesoscale, and Internal Wave Variability and Dynamics
PI: Roger Samelson (08-Jun-17). The overall project goals are to assess how oceanic mesoscale, sub-mesoscale, and internal wave signals may be manifest in SWOT measurements and how to use SWOT data to develop new physical insight into these phenomena, and to contribute to addressing the associated challenges posed to the SWOT mission.
Theoretical Basis for the Resolution and Noise of SWOT Estimates of Sea-Surface Height
Chelton, D.B., Samelson, R.M., and Farrar, J.T. (14-May-15). The analysis presented here is intended to supplement the discussion in the SWOT science requirements document, the onboard processing document, and the mission performance and error budget document.
Mesoscale / Sub-mesoscale Dynamics in the Upper Ocean
Klein, P., Morrow, R., Samelson, R., Chelton, D., Lapeyre, G., Fu, L., Qiu, B., Ubelmann, C., Le Traon, P-Y., Capet, X., Ponte, A., Sasaki, H., d'Ovidio, F., Farrar, T., Chapron, B., D'Asaro, E., Ferrari, R., McWilliams, J., Smith, S., and Thompson, A. (18-Mar-15). This white paper mainly addresses some of the potential general science questions that can be addressed from the SSH signals observable with SWOT.