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Coastal and Estuarine Processes
Understanding SWOT Measurements in Coastal Wetlands

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A Global Perspective of Coastal Regions (Where Land Meets the Sea) [presentation]
Simard, M., Laignel, B., Matte, P., and Ayoub, N. (20-Jun-19)
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Hydrodynamics of the Tidal Wetland: Case of the Wax Lake Delta Part of the Mississippi River Delta [presentation]
Turki, I., Simard, M., Laignel, B., and Rodríguez, E. (20-Jun-19)
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5 Minutes about SWOT Simulation in the Mississippi River Delta [presentation]
Simard, M., Denbina, M., Marshak, C., Liu, K., Laignel, B., Soloy, A., and Turki, I. (20-Jun-19)
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The Global List of Delta and Estuarine HR and Cal/Val Sites [presentation]
Laignel, B., Matte, P., and Simard, M. (20-Jun-19)
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Pre- and Post-Launch Cal/Val Activities in the St. Lawrence Estuary [presentation]
Matte, P., Simard, M., Smith, G., Bourgault, D., Chavanne, C., Dumont, D., Dufresne, C., Dussol, A., Morin, J., Lefaivre, D., and Laignel, B. (20-Jun-19)
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Delta-X [presentation]
Simard, M., Jones, C., Flores, S., and McCubbin, I. (20-Jun-19)
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Update on High Resolution Data Acquisition [presentation]
Pavelsky, T., Simard, M., Laignel, B., Crétaux, J.-F., and Pottier, C. (19-Jun-19)
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Water Surface Slope Variability in Deltaic Regions: Experimental Results from Airborne Campaigns in the Atchafalaya Basin [presentation]
Simard, M., Denbina, M., Jones, C., Pavelsky, T., Rodriguez, E., Liao, T-H., Liu, K., Laignel, B., Christensen, A., Twilley, R., Jensen D., and Lamb, M. (28-Jun-18)
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Will SWOT Cover Critical Deltas and Estuarine Regions [presentation]
Simard, M. and Laignel, B. (28-Jun-18)
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SWOT in the Coastal and Estuarine Environments [presentation]
Laignel, B., Simard, M., Matte, P., Ayoub., N., Han, G., and Picot, N. (28-Jun-18)
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Insights into Some Tidal and Non-Tidal Aliasing of SWOT Measurements in Coastal and Estuarine Zones [presentation]
Turki, I., Laignel, B., Chevalier, L., Simard, M., and Soloy, A. (28-Jun-17)
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Results, Modeling and Lessons Learned from a Multi-Aircraft Airborne and Field Campaign in the Mississippi Delta [presentation]
Simard, M., Liu, K., Jensen, D., Rodriguez, E., Jones, C., Laignel, B., Castañeda, E., Christensen, A., Lyon, C., and Pavelsky, T. (28-Jun-17)
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Comparison of Three A Priori Inundation Datasets at Global Scale [presentation]
Aires, F., Pigent, C., Fluet-Chouinard, E., Lehner, B., Papa, F., Yamazaki, D., Fjørtoft, R., Picot, N., Pottier, C., and Simard, M. (27-Jun-17)
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SWOT Wetlands Products [presentation]
Simard, M., Calmant, S., and Laignel, B. (16-Jun-16)
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SWOT Issues and Questions in Coastal-Estuary Continuums [presentation]
Laignel, B., Simard, M., Demey, P., Han, G., Ayoub, N., and Lyard, F. (15-Jun-16)
Understanding SWOT Measurements in Coastal Wetlands [poster]
Simard, M., Rodriguez, E., Michailovsky, C., and Laignel, B. (14-Jun-16)
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A Hydromorphological Terrestrial Water Classification Algorithm for SWOT [presentation]
Moller, D., Andreadis, K., Simard, M., and Pavelsky, T. (28-Jan-13)

Documents (2)

Understanding SWOT Measurements in Coastal Wetlands
PI: Marc Simard (23-Jun-17). The Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) mission will enable estimation of water level and velocity along the coast and within large rivers. However, SWOT's capabilities and limitations in coastal wetlands remains to be assessed. Coastal wetlands are complex systems characterized by a mosaic of various vegetation types covering the water surface and are interspersed with numerous rivers and channels of different sizes. Our overall goal is to assess the potential and limitations of SWOT to measure and monitor hydrodynamic processes in coastal wetlands, and to define the SWOT science products specific to coastal wetlands.
Issues and SWOT Contribution in the Coastal Zones and Estuaries Part 1
Laignel, B., Ayoub, N., Birol, F., Brown, S., Chao, Y., Cornuelle, B., Costa, S., De Mey, P., Estournel, C., Feddersen, F., Giddings, S., Gille, S., Kurapov, A., Lyard, F., Morrow, R., Simard, M., Strub, T., and Turki, I. (15-Mar-17). This white paper describes SWOT applications in estuaries and near-shore regions where dynamics are strongly influenced by breaking waves.