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Surface Water and Ocean Topography - SWOT
Science Goals
ECCO2 image
Southern Ocean near-surface current speed from ECCO2.
  • Provide sea surface heights (SSH) and terrestrial water heights over a 120 km wide swath with a +/-10 km gap at the nadir track.
  • Over the deep oceans, provide SSH within each swath with a posting every 2 km x 2 km, and a precision not to exceed 0.8 cm when averaged over the area.
  • Over land, download the raw data for ground processing and produce a water mask able to resolve 100 meter wide rivers and lakes of 250 meter2 in size, wetlands, or reservoirs. Associated with this mask will be water level elevations with an accuracy of 10 cm and a slope accuracy of 1 cm/1 km.
  • Cover at least 90 percent of the globe. Gaps are not to exceed 10 percent of Earth's surface.
  • SWOT will have a mission lifetime of 3 years
Documents and Resources
SWOT Basics
Science Team

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